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Power up your potential with Skills Bootcamps in digital areas

Looking to kickstart a career in the digital sector?

It all starts with learning specialised digital skills. Higher-than-average salaries, flexible roles and real excitement await – across the digital sector and a huge range of industries.  

Not sure where to start? Take a look at Skills Bootcamps – free courses that last up to 16 weeks and cover a whole host of digital skills, from web and software development to cyber security and cloud computing.

Best of all, you get a guaranteed job interview at the end of completing your course. From a major international organisation, to a state-of-the-art start up, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to your future career.

So, if you’re aged 19 or over, living in England (with the right to work in the UK), and interested in boosting your digital skills in software development, web development, cyber security, cloud computing or data & analytics, click below to find out which Skills Bootcamps in digital areas might suit you.

Software development

Bring your creative side to life with a career in coding and software development. Become the professional who creates cutting-edge technology, responsible for anything from life-saving systems to new networks and AI technologies.

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Data and analytics

Got a mind for spotting patterns? Reach your full potential as an expert in data management and analytics. Get qualified to work in a variety of organisations, using data to solve problems, inform decision-making and define business trends.

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Cyber security

As a cyber security professional, you’ll be on the front line of defence against digital threats. From the latest phishing software to hostile data-hackers, you’ll gain the skills to prevent, counter and neutralise ever-evolving attacks.

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Cloud computing

From revolutionising remote work, to building vital global connections, the world depends on cloud computing experts. You’ll learn to manage networks and be responsible for solving problems, big and small, across databases, servers, storage, software and more.

Two cloud computing professionals talking. Behind them is a background of futuristic computer terminals.

Web development

As web developer, you’ll be one of the most in-demand professionals within the digital industry. You’ll be responsible for creating smart, well-designed and intelligent digital worlds for a huge array of brands, businesses and organisations.

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Find out from students studying Software Development or Data Engineering why they chose the training, and what they enjoy about their Skills Bootcamp.   
 Northcoders is one of many Skills Bootcamp providers delivering training in digital skills. Learn about the different providers and courses available by visiting Software Development, Cyber Security, Data and Analytics, Cloud computing or Web development.

Digital sector stories

Skills Bootcamps are just one of many pathways to a career in the digital sector.

Whether just getting started, or an experienced professional, working in the digital industry can be an exciting and rewarding experience.

Hear from experienced digital professionals from different companies who took different pathways into digital, talk about what they enjoy about working in the industry.

Read more about the sector specialists working in Software Engineering, UX Design, Cloud Engineering, Data Management and Systems Engineering, at the bottom of each category page.

A photograph of a woman in glasses looking happy on a background of quotation marks. Text reads 'Asma Mohamoud, Founder Associate at OMA Global.'

“I’m really excited about the rapid growth of technology and the incredible ways it can be used to solve real problems. As it becomes more accessible, people from all different backgrounds are getting involved.

This influx of diverse thinking is powering some of the most innovative and unique developments we’re seeing today.”

A photograph of a woman on a purple background of quotation marks. Text reads 'Arin Ososanya, UX Designer at Next Tech Girls.'

“The idea of entering in code and seeing it appear on a page was mind-blowing to me. All I had been exposed to prior to that was finance, economics, humanities and the arts!

When I completed my first internship in the tech industry every day, I left feeling so inspired in the best way possible. For me, tech is a hybrid of art and analytical thinking!

Photo of a woman looking happy on a background with quotation marks. Text reads "Sunny Whang, Cloud Engineering Leader at Cisco"

“It’s really rewarding to see the software I contribute to is used by millions of people…I feel that I’m helping people to collaborate better wherever they are and help connecting the world.”

Photo of a woman looking happy on a background with quotation marks. Text reads "Ashiwarya Vora, Senior Software Engineer at Multiverse"

“The prospect of translating ideas into tangible solutions, the creative freedom offered by coding, and the potential to make a meaningful impact on the digital landscape were all key factors that appealed to me in the field of software development.”


Who is eligible for Skills Bootcamps?
Skills Bootcamps are open to anyone who is aged 19+, is living in England, has the right to work in the UK and meets residency requirements. Some Skills Bootcamps may have additional eligibility criteria. For more details, please visit the external website link for your preferred Skills Bootcamp.
What experience or qualifications do I need to attend a Skills Bootcamp?
For most Skills Bootcamps, you do not need to have any previous knowledge in the subject. You just need to speak a good level of English and have a willingness to learn. Some courses may have additional entry requirements, such as needing you to have a certain qualification or experience. If there are any, they will be listed in the relevant course details.
How much do Skills Bootcamps cost?
Skills Bootcamps are free of charge to all successful candidates. Employers who use Skills Bootcamps to train existing employees can access funding for up to 90% of the training costs. Information for employers looking to get involved with Skills Bootcamps is available here: Skills Bootcamps ( Skills Bootcamps are a UK government-funded initiative and are free, flexible online courses for learners living in England. They give people the opportunity to build up sector-specific skills and fast-track career progression.
Who runs the Skills Bootcamps?
Training providers, including FE colleges, are funded by the Department for Education to deliver Skills Bootcamps across England. For more details about training providers, please visit the external website link for your preferred Skills Bootcamp.
How long are Skills Bootcamps?
Skills Bootcamps can run for up to 16 weeks, but some may be shorter. For more details, please visit the external website link for your preferred Skills Bootcamp.
Can I still work while attending a Skills Bootcamp?
Skills Bootcamps are flexible so that you can fit training around your other commitments such as work or caring responsibilities. Learning time requirements and patterns vary between Skills Bootcamps, and many courses are available to do online. For more details, please visit the external website link for your preferred Skills Bootcamp. If you are claiming Universal Credit, you can continue to claim this while you attend a Skills Bootcamp.
What happens after I complete a Skills Bootcamp?
You might get a qualification from your Skills Bootcamp but not all will offer you one. If you are offered one, the level of qualification you’ll get will depend on the provider and the course you’re doing. You can read the details for each individual Skills Bootcamp to check if you’ll get a qualification at the end. While you might not get a qualification, Skills Bootcamps will help you get a job or get a place on a different course that will give you a qualification at the end.
Besides Skills Bootcamps in digital areas, what other ways can I learn new skills and advance my career?
Skills Bootcamps cover a wide range of industries, including digital, engineering, manufacturing, construction, HGV driving, and green economy skills (such as heat pump engineering and electric vehicle maintenance). Find a complete list of available Skills Bootcamps here: Find a Skills Bootcamp – Guidance – GOV.UK ( You can also explore other skills training opportunities including numeracy courses, such as Multiply to Essential Skills courses in English and Digital. These are available on the Skills for Careers website Skills for Careers For further advice on the options open to you please contact The National Careers Service.