Web development

Whether it’s a small-time firm or a big-time enterprise, every organisation has a website. And we expect these websites to be fast, shiny and easy to use.

But building them to do all these things involves a lot of different skills, and it’s no easy feat unless you know how. 

Web developers in an office, discussing a website on a digital tablet

What do web developers do?

Web development is a broad sector with many different areas of expertise, including front-end development (building the part of the website people see), back-end development (ensuring it’s operating properly behind the scenes) and UX design (making the website easy for people to use). Some people even specialise in all of these areas. 

Professional web developers often enjoy perks like flexible working hours and access to the latest technology, with hybrid working offered as standard.

Skills Bootcamps offer training across the full web design spectrum. So, you can develop the skills needed to take on any area of web development and tap into the high demand for experts. 

List of courses

General web development

Digital Peninsula Network, Website Development
  • 9 weeks
  • Online
  • South West

Visit digitalpeninsula.org for full details.

Netmatters, Web development
  • 16 weeks
  • Online
  • Norfolk, Suffolk and North Essex

Visit netmatters.co.uk for full details.

The Light Bulb Ltd, Web essentials
  • 12 weeks
  • Online
  • Essex, Norfolk, Suffolk, London

Visit thelightbulbapprenticeships.com for full details.

The Coders Guild, Web design and development
  • 12 weeks
  • Online
  • Yorkshire

Visit thecodersguild.org.uk for full details.

Exeter College, Web design and development
  • 12 weeks
  • Online & in-person
  • South West

Visit the Exeter College website for full details.

Le Wagon UK, Web development
  • 12 weeks
  • Online
  • Nationwide

Visit lewagon.com for full details.

Front end web development

Pixel Takeaway Ltd, UX design
  • 4 weeks (full-time) or 7 weeks (part-time)
  • Online
  • Nationwide

Visit schoolofuk.com for full details.

Westminster Adult Education Services, Full stack web development
  • 16 weeks
  • In-person
  • London

Visit waes.ac.uk for full details.

Bath Spa University, UX/UI design
  • 10 weeks
  • Online & in-person
  • South West

Visit bathspa.ac.uk for full details.

Careers in Web development

There are several different career routes within web development, including: 

  • Front-End Developers, who work to build and programme the parts of the website that people see. 
  • Back-End Developers, who work on the behind-the-scenes parts of websites, ensuring it performs correctly, can capture and process data and run algorithms to help users. 
  • Full-Stack Developers, who build both the front-end and back-end of websites and ensure the two parts are connected. 
  • Web Designers, who focus on creating graphics and other visuals that are used on websites. 
  • UX Designers, who specialise in designing websites in a way that makes it easy for people to use them and encourages people to take certain actions or see certain content. 

Sector stories: Spotlight on Arin from Next Tech Girls

Skills Bootcamps can get you started in the digital industry, but there are many other ways to begin your career. Our sector stories are experienced digital professionals who share their thoughts on working in the digital sector.

Arin is a UX Designer who loves the collaborative focus of her role.

A photograph of a woman on a purple background of quotation marks. Text reads 'Arin Ososanya, UX Designer at Next Tech Girls.'

“What drew me to UX Design was a career that so beautifully brought together my love for people, creativity and analytical thinking into one job.

I didn’t know it was possible to have a corporate job whereby I might enjoy every aspect – from the research, to wireframing and prototyping, I genuinely find every stage of the design process enjoyable.”